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Deqing Count realized a GDP output of RMB 39.69 billion, increasing by 8%; a gross fiscal revenue of RMB 6.664 billion, increasing by 6%, including a local fiscal revenue of RMB 3.736 billion, increasing by 6.1%; a per-capita disposable income of RMB 34367, increasing by 8.5%, including urban and rural per-capita disposable income of RMB 42662 and RMB 24934 respectively, increasing by 8% and 9.3% respectively.

  The industrial economy of the County has improved quality and efficiency, with scale industrial production output and added value realizing RMB 108.92 billion and RMB 19.09 billion respectively. Three leading industries, i.e., cutting-edge equipment manufacturing, biological medicine and decoration materials realized a total output of RMB 75 billion, accounting for 69% of the total county industrial output. The output rate of industrial new products increases to 30.9%, with the added value of strategic emerging industries and high-tech industries accounting for 23.1% and 46.1% of the county-wide industrial added value respectively. With the further promotion of "four exchanges and three well-knows", Deqing County saves 50,000 tons of standard coal, implements 158 "Machine for labor" projects with fixed-asset of above RMB 2 million, activates a construction land area of 108 mu, realized a retail sales volume of RMB 3 billion through E-commerce, and is listed in China Top-10 E-commerce Counties. Dehua Group is listed in the "three well-knows" pilot development enterprises, 41 enterprises are listed in multi-level capital markets, including two listed ones, one newly-added China famous brand, 4 provincial famous brands, 4 provincial trademarks, 1 provincial trade name, and 13 enterprises participating in 22 developments and revisions of standards of different levels. The service industry embraces a rapid development, with the added value increasing 13.1%, accounting for 40.7% of the regional GDP; the county E-commerce industrial park was put into operation and there are 79 geographic information enterprises clustering in the provincial geographic information industrial park, which becomes a provincial high-tech feature industrial base enables Deqing County to be listed into the provincial demonstration area (base) of information economy. The first local standard on village home-stay is successfully issued in China, further highlighting the driving effect of village tourism. Deqing County realized a total tourism revenue of RMB 13.3 billion, increasing by 28.9%. With the operation of Linhang Logistics Park II and Deqing Port and the construction of ProLogis Logistics Industrial Park, the County realized a logistics added value of RMB 1.14 billion. the financial industry represented by Puhui Perfect Service, Shenghua Financial Control, Jolly Capital and Dingli Leasing embraces a booming, with tax from financial industry reacing RMB 500 million. Modern agriculture has many highlights, with the comprehensive assessment of modern agriculture development ranking the first in the Province. There are four newly-constructed provincial modern agriculture parks, a crop production park of 11,000 mu completed and a new cropping area of 69,000 mu promoted. Deqing County is awarded national demonstration county of leisure agriculture and rural tourism, Wukang becomes a national demonstration base of agricultural industrialization. The "Ethical and healthier" agricultural product project is further promoted, becoming a national construction pilot of safe agricultural product quality. Deqing County effectively introduces 53 "large, good and high-end" projects, and receives foreign capital of USD 182 million and Zhejiang merchant capital of RMB 5.2 billion; completes a fixed-asset investment of RMB 26.79 billion, increasing by 15.5%, including industrial investment of RMB 13.54 billion, increasing by 7.9%; has investment of RMB 11.64 billion in a major project, 52 industrial investment projects of over RMB 50 million and 40 completed ones; the County also has 20 provincial "411" projects, 8 newly-added provincial construction projects, 9 key industrial projects, different types of land of 3029 mu, total newly-added social financial capital of RMB 20.2 billion, and different kinds of capital of RMB 1.25 billion; the land requisition and demolishing work receives good results. The service level of foreign trading is improving, with one-stop comprehensive foreign trade and economic cooperation service platform established and customs office set. Deqing County realizes a total import/export amount of RMB 13.73 billion, the export amount in which is RMB 12.04 billion. Consumption also keeps a fast growth, realizing a total retail amount of RMB 13.61 billion for social consumer goods, increasing by 12.5%.

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