Social Undertakings
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 The fiscal expenditure for people's livelihood is RMB 3.59 billion, and the part of newly-added fiscal revenue used in people's livelihood accounts for 87.8%. Deqing County further strengthens the employment and social security work, providing new jobs for 16900 persons, guiding 3600 college graduates for employment and entrepreneurship, and helping 5300 urban unemployed persons for re-employment; gradually promotes the social insurance system, increasing the monthly old-age pension per capita of enterprise retirees by RMB 241, increasing the monthly basic endowment insurance pension per capita of urban residents by RMB 135, and combining the life guarantee system of land-levied farmers and fully completing the universal insurance coverage registration; and increases the minimum living security line by RMB 615 per capita per month. Deqing County increases 306 beds for institutional pension, and builds 44 home endowment service care centers,  and starts the construction of Severe Disabled Person Nursery (Caring) Center. The County starts to build 4150 units of security housing of different kinds, and completes the dilapidated house transforming for 181 rural families, with housing guarantee covering new residents. The social undertakings are booming, with Wuyang School completed and put into operation, investment in education projects reaching RMB 250 million, education quality gradually increasing, and 10,000-person entry rate in college examination ranking among the first. Deqing County becomes one of the first counties basically realizing modern education in the Province, and is awarded the only county-level Special Award in the 4th National Education Reform and Innovation; completes 22 rural culture auditoriums, thus awarded the provincial advanced county with rural cultural auditorium construction; the County Library is awarded 2015 China Most Beautiful Library; the County Sports Center has held 13 national or above events; the County is listed in the provincial Top-10 Counties for cultural industry and passes the re-assessment of provincial sports power; the reform of medical and health system keeps deepening, No. 3 People's Hospital and Jolly Pharmaceutical cooperate steadily, County People's Hospital Phase II (hyperbaric oxygen chamber) project was commenced; the County is awarded the advanced unit for Chinese grassroots TCM; the family planning work keeps strengthening; the policy of "Two-Child Fertility" is implemented steadily; and the natural population growth rate is 0.4%. The social situation remains harmonious and stable, with elite villager council awarded the nomination award of "China Top-10 Innovation Achievements for Community Governance"; the County is listed as the national pilot area for community governance and service innovation; the popularization of legal knowledge is completed successfully, and the County is awarded the national advanced unit for rule of law county (city or district); "Safe foods campaign" is carried out sturdily, enabling the County to become a provincial demonstration county for safe food and beverage service and pass the provincial drug safety demonstration county review; the County is the first county with full coverage of meteorological disaster monitoring and early warning in China; there are "Zero Petitions" in the County; safe production, social security and emergency management are further strengthened; the construction of "safe Deqing" has 10 successive championships and will likely have 11 successive championships. The work such as people's armed force, national defense mobilization, people's air defense and double supports are promoted in an orderly manner. The work such as ethnics, religions, overseas Chinese, foreign affairs, statistics, supply and marketing, post and telecommunication, radio and television, press and publication, concerns about the next generation, charity, archives, history and annals, and institution affairs has made new progress.

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