Town of Republican style embraces another "stylish street"
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 Liaoyuan Village, Moganshan Town unveils another landscape.A journalist learned from Moganshan Town that a new featured street of Republican style, known as another "Republican street" in the town in addition to Huangfu East Road, was officially completed last week, which attracts citizens interested to pay a visit.

  Recently, citizens would find that the previous external facade walls of ancient houses on both sides of Huangfu East Road have disappeared and been replaced by gray antique bricks of Republican style.Rows of buildings of Republican style embellished with gray bricks and tiles quietly stand on the streets from Huangfu East Road to Yuxin North Street, with the antique walls looking pale and old, as if people went back to the Republic of China era.

  "This year, the construction of the whole beautiful town mainly includes three projects called 'one-horizontal-and-two-vertical projects' for short,and the facade transformation and landscape upgrading on Huangfu East Road, and the facade transformation and municipal administration upgrading on Yuxin North Street both expand and enrich the former streets of Republican style, making contribution to the all-around development of a stylish town."Tan Jianliang, head of the urban construction office of Moganshan Town, introduced that the newly-built street of Republican style with a total length of around 1.5km involves the facade transformation of about 80 buildings, the construction of two cycling roads and the renovation of road surface on Yuxin North Street.

  The facade transformation project began on Yuxin North Street in March this year, but the duration was prolonged due to more rains in the early stage."The project had an impact on the production and operation of the majority of businesses and factories under transformation to some extent, and the policy in the early stage was also hard to be implemented."To keep pace with the schedule, policy implementation, facade design and project construction all proceeded at almost the same time, and the staff even spared their weekends to do ideological work for households one by one, Tan added."In the beginning few days of October, more than 100 staff members in the town were busy at the same time almost every day."

  A staff responsible for the design of the street of Republican style said that this time's transformation and upgrading of Huangfu East Road and Yuxin North Street makes an "upgraded version" of the former street of Republican style, thanks to the creativity everywhere, in addition to the buildings of Republican style mixed with old and new factors as well as Chinese and western styles in appearance.

  The journalist found on the newly-built Yuxin North Street that the art transformation of street lamps, trash cans, flower beds and other common municipal facilities in the street has been completed: all power lines have been buried underground and part of street lamp posts have also been tied with artistic sculptures.

At the intersection of Huangfu East Road and Yuxin North Street stands a retro bell tower which tells the time for three times per day at 8:00, 12:00 and 18:00, and it becomes another landmark of Yucun Village following the old station.Tourists who pay a visit here usually stop to watch and take photos."After the upgrading and transformation, Yuxin North Street also becomes a stylish street attracting a large number of tourists."Master Ni, a villager running a rural restaurant on Yuxin North Street said excitedly that few tourists paid a visit to the street formerly but just headed for the street of Republican style in Yucun Village, but nowadays the street which becomes beautiful attracts tourists for sightseeing and recreation, and the restaurants and stores along the street also become popular.

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