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   The farm work that was considered as dirty work in the past becomes a leisurely life and people living in the former smelly places even start up tourist businesses to make money nowadays.In recent years, the development of modern agriculture in the county has witnessed exciting changes, thanks to the improvement in ecology and life of agricultural production.

  In Moganshan Town, the Mogan silkworm farm set up in the period of the Republic of China was once gradually declining in the context of a sericulture transference movement, but today, it becomes a popular family scenic spot receiving up to 80000 tourists per year after a considerable transformation. In the Xintian farm, people adopts a new grid-based cultivation technology by which watermelons hang in the air just like lanterns, which not only helps in theimprovement of the quality and yield, but also attractsunexpected groupsof tourists full of curiosity. This year, farmers in the Newport Agricultural Park built a central sightseeing station in a rice and turtle symbiotic area earlier, so that tourists can stand on the platform to have 360-degree panoramic view of the park in the season when the wind shakes the barley.

  It is known that the county has spared no effort on the intensified integration of agriculture and the leisure industry since 2010, to promote industrial agglomeration as well as functional integration and development, and constantly optimize the regional layout of leisure agriculture and rural tourism industry.In the western mountainous area, there is a leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration area taking the Moganshan provincial-level modern forestry comprehensive area as a core; in the central plain, there is a leisure agriculture and health care demonstration area taking the Xiangxi modern agriculture comprehensive area called "Fine traditional Chinese medicine valley in northern Zhejiang" as a core; and in the eastern water town, there is a leisure and sightseeing demonstration area taking the Xingang provincial-level modern agriculture comprehensive area as a center, which witnesses the progressive development of featured tourism such as fishing, fruit picking and flower sightseeing leisure tourism in centralized regions."Optimizing the regional layout and giving full play to the cluster effect on rural tourism help facilitate the orderly development of the rural leisure industry and the rural tourism,"said Wu Sheng, director of the county's agriculture bureau.

  According to statistics, the county has embraced totally more than 159 provincial-level leisure agricultural parks which are gradually built into scenic spots for fishing, family fruit picking and flower sightseeing leisure activities, making urban people in a fast-paced life enjoy a pastoral fun and greatly enriching the content of leisure agriculture and rural tourism.The agricultural parks turning into scenic spots brings "benefits", making more park owners bet on the road of leisure tourism based on agriculture.Kang Ruzhong, director of Shiyi Tea Farm once said, after his Tea Farm was listed among "China's top-ten tea tour routes" in the "two-day tea tour in Luoxin, Moganshan, Deqing, Zhejiang", he had a new understanding of the tea plantation after his hard work on tea production and planned to push a more diversified development model.

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