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Valls is a part of Tarragone Province in Catalonia Region, owning a population of 25,000 and covering an area of 55.3 km2, which is also in the Mediterranean region though not a port city. With convenient transportation, Valls is close to Tarragone Port, Reus Airport, high-speed railway stations of Madrid-Barcelona-France line and Valencia-Barcelona line. Being close to Barcelona provides favorable conditions for the economic development of Valls. 

Valls can date back to the first half of 12th century, which developed from bazaars. Many ancient architectures are preserved in the city, especially the Baroque,Gothic, and Neoclassical churches, etc. The city is well-known for its long history and unique artistic beauty.

Traditional industries contribute most to the economy of Valls, whose major products are red wine, wood-nuts, olive oil, etc. It has an industry zone of 275 hectares and more than 350 companies. Among all the industries, metallurgic industry is highly developed , which is followed by building materials, textile and food-processing industries. The tertiary industry accounts for a small part of the economy. However, the tourism is a growing trend in recent years, especially in traditional festivals of Catalonia when hotels and catering service are developing rapidly.

In September, 2012, Deqing County signed a formal agreement of friendly exchange relations with Valls City.

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