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As a part of Indiana in the East of America, Monticello lies between Wight County and Caro County, a famous summer resort, which covers an area of 7.8 km2 in total and a population of 5,378. Surrounded by many artificial lakes, the city is run through by Tippecanoe River and receives more than 1 million visitors each year.

The traffic in Monticello is very convenient, where there is No. 24 Expressway, Road 421, and No. 39 State Highway. The No. 65 Interstate Highway lies only 20 miles away from the west of the city. There is a united transportation center jointly built by BNSF Railway Company and No. 24 Expressway in the city, where 7 shipping companies are providing the transportation within the city or between the states. Besides, Monticello is located between the major airports (Chicago International Airport and Ohio International Airport), which can satisfy different requirements of all walks of life.

Monticello municipal government is committed to building the city into an industrial and commercial center and promoting local development by adopting various encouraging measures and favorable policies. An emerging zone of economy has been set up in this city, where project land is provided for expansion and further development of enterprises, besides related taxes will be reduced or exempted in the 10 years to come.

Monticello has a solid foundation of industries, with steel and metal fields as the leading ones. There are also many domestic and international corporations in this city against the backdrop of diversified industries, such as Global Ball Metal Containers Co., Ltd, American Emerson Transmission Group, Cives Metal Product Co., Ltd (the largest domestic metalworking company) and Vanguard Heavy Trunk Company (a leading producer of heavy trunks). Besides, Monticello is one of the important producing places of popcorn, owning many popcorn producers. Assisted by world-famous Ivy League colleges and Purdue University, numerous enterprises are benefiting a lot from the sound education of the development of their own industry.

Monticello attaches great importance to education and medical causes, owning a famous twin lake education group which has four primary schools, a junior middle school, a senior middle school and a vocational education center. Founded in 1956, Memorial Hospital of Wight County lies in Monticello and provides exquisite leechcraft and superb service.

In July, 2011, Deqing County signed a formal agreement of friendly exchange relations with Monticello.

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